FanyArts | From Earth to earth
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From Earth to earth

A great passion for earth makes us think about the original essence of this material.

A message for human beings

Everything is born from Earth (Mother Earth), everything goes back to Earth.

Earth is the origin, the “raw material” par excellence, intrinsically connected with nature. Living on Earth makes us take care of it. Even the deepest sense is connected to Earth: “Take care of Earth”.

As we think about this substance, we find out that this material has almost fallen into disuse in our contemporary world and is absolutely unknown to the world of design.

The starting point of our project is to keep unaltered the deeply rooted anthropological and physiological value, intrinsic in the material itself, in order to trigger, through an object, the process of reconciliation between man and nature.

Improving the physical features means adjusting them to any object, a designed one too, without changing its visual and structural impact.


Earth is a shapeless substance and we believe that modelling it only through conventional volumes is limiting. We choose to operate according to the principle of “non-shape”, or better of the “indefinite”.

The morphological reference is casual and this is the formal path to follow in order to reach an aesthetic definition of the object.

An object that has infinite shapes, carved by deep cracks which increase its space expressivity.


21 April 2016