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Fernanda Andrea Cabello



Fany expresses art with great freedom and the rhythm of creativity expands in a space-shape dimension, soaked with passion and enthusiasm. Her expressive skills were confirmed in the collective exhibition “Sette Artisti, Sette Stili” (seven artists, seven styles) that was held in the Italian Modern Art Gallery of via Margutta, where Fany presented a group of peculiar works where the scenic representation became a meeting point for painting and music. In her works, made of different materials joined in the context of a wooden frame or any other rigid support, the artist combines glazed pottery elements with metal fragments, giving shape and soul to dynamic compositions with their own independent value and without any structural bonds. According to the most attentive critics, these pictorial, sculptural and musical compositions are filled with the fusion (syncretism) of the three arts themselves, arousing strong and deep emotions in the audience.